Focus on Skin Revitalization with Picosure Focus Lens

Picosure Focus Lens has been a wonderful attribute to our practice since 2013 for skin revitalization.


The laser procedure employs a diffractive lens that redistributes light into high powered microbeams to target not only pigment (melanin), but also collagen!  So you get two for one with one treatment.  Typically, no numbing is needed for the laser. …

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Hand Rejuvenation

Oh my hands!  We often here this from patients.  What can be done to help rejuvenate the hands?

First of all, why do the hands age so much?  The answer is that they are always exposed.  Whether we are driving and have our hands on the steering wheel, with UV rays coming through (primarily UVA), our hands take the direct hit. …

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Why Topical Skinceuticals Vitamin C is so important for your skin

SCTopical Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients that should be applied to the skin.  Why?  During the day, we are exposed to “oxidative stress” in the form of UV exposure, pollution and environmental factors such as smoking (even if it is second hand smoke).  All these oxidative assaults can prematurely age our skin.…

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Sculpsure Laser 2 Treatment Fat Reducer

Sculpsure Laser is the newest laser in minimally invasive body contouring.  So what is it?  Sculpsure laser uses a 1060 nm diode laser wavelength that is preferentially absorbed by the fat cell, referred to as an adipocyte.  Over a 25 minute treatment, the fat cells are targeted and damaged and the bod begins to clear away the cells over the next 6-12 weeks.…

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Smartskin Fractional CO2 Healing

One of my favorite lasers for skin tightening is fractional CO2 laser (Smartskin).  This laser has the ability to penetrate deep into the dermis and stimulate collagen.  It is my laser of choice for tightening the skin around the eyes to help open the eyes.

One of the drawbacks to the Fractional CO2 laser is that there is a downtime. …

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Liquid Facelift and Fillers

Sculptra Liquid Facelift and Juvederm for Revolumization

Through the decades, we begin to lose fat from our face.  It is not just fat that we lose, but we also begin to lose bone and our facial structures begin to descend with lack of support from the diminished fat, collagen and bony resorption. …

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Fractional CO2 Laser For Eyelid Tightening

One of my favorite procedures to do, especially in the winter months is the fractional CO2 laser.  This laser helps to tighten the skin and is especially wonderful for the skin around the eyes.  Granted, there is a downtime of about 4-5 days where the skin appears darker (prior to sloughing) and the lids are swollen (edema).  …

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Sun Spots on the Arms and Legs, how are they treated?

The arms and legs carry a lot of the sun damage occurs over years of sun damage.  We all remember the days of NO sunscreen and baby oil to get the ultimate bronzing effect.  Unfortunately this elective baking of the skin, caused the appearance of sun spots (solar lentigenes) and loss of collagen and elastin to our skin. …

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Combination Fractional CO2 and Erbium (Cortex Laser)

Cortex LaserOur perspective on skin tightening continues to evolve.  In the past, standard carbon dioxide laser was utilized.  While this gave remarkable results, the downtime was grueling at weeks to months and the procedure carried a high risk of complications such as infection/scarring/demarcation lines etc.

In 2006-7, fractional CO2 came about and this diminished the downtime to 4-5 days with an additional several weeks of prolonged redness (depending on how aggressive the settings used were).…

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Precision Laserlift

We are very excited to be offering the Precision laserlift to help tighten and lift the neck and better define the jawline.  This minimally invasive procedure is performed with local anesthesia and no stitches are placed.  Patients are awake during the procedure, but will need a driver on the day of the surgery. …

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