Ultherapy for lower face and upper neck lifting

Ultherapy uses high intensity focused ultrasound to target the energy to the dermis and to the layer of tissue under the dermis (the SMAS), to help tighten the structures.  Clinically this results in a lifting of the tissue.  While many modalities help the skin surface such as fractional CO2, fractional erbium or fractional nonablative skin tightening, only Ulthera targets the tissue beneath the skin’s surface to produce the lifting effect. 

Results are typically seen between 3-5 months post procedure. 

One hour prior to the procedure, patients take a valium and a pain pill.  They may feel some areas of discomfort below the chin area or the lower face area, all of which is very tolerable.  The new nomogram utilized, delivers double the pulses and therefore more total energy at a level that is comfortable for the patient.  The entire procedure if full face and upper neck is done takes around 2 hours.

Here are some results post 3 months for Ultherapy.

3 months post Ultherapy to the lower face and upper neck