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What is the Skin Laser Being used on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

The Picosure Focus Lens Laser Treatment.  Why?  This laser incorporates a Lens Array which delivers the laser energy to the skin in a fractional type of pattern.  It targets melanin (brown pigmented spots) and helps to minimize the pigment not only on the top layer of the skin (epithelial layer) but can also minimize pigment deeper in the dermis.  The revolutionary aspect of this treatment is that it also stimulates collagen deep in the dermis to give a revitalized look to the skin.  While 3-6 treatments are recommended, the convenient aspect of this laser is there is essentially 12-24 hours of mild erythema (redness) and swelling so you can get back to work or school the next day.

This patient suffered from melisma and this is her skin post 5 treatments with the Picosure Focus Lens.


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