Fractional CO2 Laser For Eyelid Tightening

One of my favorite procedures to do, especially in the winter months is the fractional CO2 laser.  This laser helps to tighten the skin and is especially wonderful for the skin around the eyes.  Granted, there is a downtime of about 4-5 days where the skin appears darker (prior to sloughing) and the lids are swollen (edema).  …

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Sun Spots on the Arms and Legs, how are they treated?

The arms and legs carry a lot of the sun damage occurs over years of sun damage.  We all remember the days of NO sunscreen and baby oil to get the ultimate bronzing effect.  Unfortunately this elective baking of the skin, caused the appearance of sun spots (solar lentigenes) and loss of collagen and elastin to our skin. …

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Combination Fractional CO2 and Erbium (Cortex Laser)

Cortex LaserOur perspective on skin tightening continues to evolve.  In the past, standard carbon dioxide laser was utilized.  While this gave remarkable results, the downtime was grueling at weeks to months and the procedure carried a high risk of complications such as infection/scarring/demarcation lines etc.

In 2006-7, fractional CO2 came about and this diminished the downtime to 4-5 days with an additional several weeks of prolonged redness (depending on how aggressive the settings used were).…

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Precision Laserlift

We are very excited to be offering the Precision laserlift to help tighten and lift the neck and better define the jawline.  This minimally invasive procedure is performed with local anesthesia and no stitches are placed.  Patients are awake during the procedure, but will need a driver on the day of the surgery. …

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Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal

Entire Back tattoo treated with PicosureWe have now had the Picosure Laser for over 1 year.  We have been so happy with the results thus far. 

What we tell patients:

Do not be tan prior to your laser treatment.

Drink plenty of water post treatment and it is important to know that smokers will clear their ink less effectively.…

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Our New Location

Our new, modern office has been built and we have now moved in!  

Saluja Cosmetic Laser Center

Please call 704.584.4071 to book your consultation!

Our new office at 9615 Northcross Center Ct. Suite B, Huntersville, NC 28078

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Picosure Laser for Pigmented Lesions

Picosure Laser to treat benign facial pigmentation

The Picosure laser is the first pico-pulsed laser which delivers pulses in the trillionths of seconds.  While this laser has changed our ability in treating tattoo ink, it is also FDA approved for treating benign pigmentation.

Now that summer is over, the residual effects of uv radiation may have increased the freckles or pigmentation on the face, chest or the dorsum of the hands. …

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Ultherapy for lower face and upper neck lifting

Ultherapy uses high intensity focused ultrasound to target the energy to the dermis and to the layer of tissue under the dermis (the SMAS), to help tighten the structures.  Clinically this results in a lifting of the tissue.  While many modalities help the skin surface such as fractional CO2, fractional erbium or fractional nonablative skin tightening, only Ulthera targets the tissue beneath the skin’s surface to produce the lifting effect. …

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Picosure Chest Pigment Study

We are currently enrolling patients in our study for chest pigmentation with the Picosure laser.

If you have years of sun exposure to the chest area with solar lentigenes (pigmented spots) and have light colored skin (Fitzpatrick Skin type 1-3) then you may be a candidate for our study. 

The study involves four treatments separated by 3 weeks to the chest area. …

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Picosure: The New Gold Standard in Laser Tattoo Removal


Picosure laser post one treatment

The new Picosure Laser by Cynosure is the first picosecond laser to come to market.  This laser has been in development for the past decade and truly marks the first new innovation for laser tattoo removal in the past 24 years!

While we previously used QS lasers, which did an effective job with tattoos, the only drawback was the number of treatments which could range from 5-20 separated by 8-10 weeks. …

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