Picosure is Now Here! Enrolling Patients in Clinical Studies for Picosure

We are so excited to introducte PICOSURE (made by Cynosure, Westford, MA, www.cynosure.com)  at our laser center. 

Picosure is an FDA approved pico second pulsed laser that takes tattoo laser removal to a different level.  Over the past 20 years there has been minimal advancement in laser tattoo removal.  The standard q switched or nano pulsed laser has been the laser of choice which is pulsed a one-one thousandth of a second to help shatter pigment. …

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Facebook Fans

To all of our facebook fans (and if you are not one yet, go onto our facebook page and like us!), we are offering a $100 dollar coupon towards a Full Face Fractional CO2 laser.  We have 10 coupons which will be first come first serve until the end of Febuary. …

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Juvederm Lips

Volume loss does not only occur in the nasolabial folds and malar area (cheek area), but profound loss can be seen in the lips.  The lips take on the appearance of a thin line with vertical wrinkling.  In our late 30’s and 40’s this can be quite apparent. 

The way to treat this is with a little hyaluronic acid to the lips. …

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“Juvederm” app on the iphone

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid gel which is a “filler” product.  It is instrumental as part of the facial aging armentarium, by adding volume back to the areas of the face where it has been lost.  One of the most common areas where volume is lost is the nasolabial folds or the “parenthesis” that form around the mouth. …

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July Laser Hair Removal Special

Have you ever wanted to try laser hair removal, but didn’t know how it would feel?  Or you were concerned about the cost?

During the month of July we are offering laser hair removal for the underarms (axilla) for $75 dollars and the bikini line for $99. 

It is important to remember that laser hair removal is the most effective for black, or brown hair. …

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The importance of sunscreen

A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes when we visually process something, it sticks with us in memory.

This is a photo from an article in NEJM where a truck driver, exposed to sun on the left side of the face over many years shows dramatic asymmetric dermatoheliosis.  The aging difference is not in years, but in decades! 

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Recruiting patients for Xanthelasma Laser Study

Xanthomas are a skin condition where fatty material can build up under the skin surface.  They occur more in older individuals and especially in individuals with high lipid profiles (Cholesterol). 

Xanthelasma occurs on eyelid skin, especially the upper eyelids and represents cholesterol deposition within dermal macrophages.  The can be prominant and can cause cosmetic concerns.…

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June Filler Discount through our Facebook page

“Like” Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center on Facebook and receive 10% off of Juvederm Ultra or Restylane (regular price $475) or Juvederm Ultra Plus (regular price $500).  If you have already “liked” us and are a current fan, you can also take advantage of this special offer. 

Offer ends at the end of June so make sure you have booked your appointment by calling (704) 584-4071. …

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