SculpSure Case 1

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Gender : Female
Age : 60s

A Charlotte, NC lady in her mid-60’s, was looking for treatment options for her abdominal fat.  After menopause, she noted the accumulation of fat through the mid-section.  While she remains active and does eat a healthy diet, this area was an area that no matter how much diet and exercise, she still could not diminish the appearance of her belly.  She sought treatment options that were non-surgical to diminish the belly fat.  She tried SculpSure laser and the upper abdominal area and lower area were targeted.  The difference in the appearance of her mid-section at 6 weeks was astonishing.  SculpSure laser begins to show the reduction of fat at 6 weeks with the full effect seen at 12 weeks.  Once the fat cells are gone, those particular cells are gone!

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