Sculpsure for Lower Belly Fat

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Gender : Female
Age : 55-65

Menopause creates many changes in the body, from thinning, drier skin to intermitten hot flashes.  With time, our metabolism also changes and areas where we did not carry fat, such as our abdomen and arms, now begin to show pinchable, subcutaneous fat.  While diet and exercise are very important as a main contributer to keeping the fat at bay, there still may be areas of the body that are poorly responsive to this regimen.  We tell patients that Sculpsure allows patients to wear their clothes better by diminishing up to a quarter of the pinchable fat.  We recommend a full treatment which consists of 2 Sculpsure treatments.  Here is a patient that had her lower abdominal fat targeted.  While there is still remaining fat, the area has shrunk down by about 25%.

Dr. Saluja Cosmetic and Laser center

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