Picosure Laser for aqua blue tattoo

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Gender : Female
Age : 35-40 year old

With the advent of picopulsed technology (Picosure being the first laser to receive FDA clearance with picopulsed technology), the removal of tattoos took another step forward from QSwitched days.  Most QS lasers for tattoo do not utilize the 755 nm Alexandrite wavelenght.  Picosure is the only picopusled technology that does.  What does that mean?  It means that patients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area that have blue/green/aqua colored tattoos that were unable to be removed adquately now can have a Picosure treatment to help reduce the ink.  While it does still take several treatments depending on the ink density, location etc, there is marked difference in the amount of lightning when utilizing this technology.

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