Botox® Before & After Photos

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Botox for Gummy Smile

While botox is used for obvious wrinkles between the brows, to the forehead and around the eyes, ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
Botox for glabellar wrinkles

Botox not only helps to relax the dynamic wrinkles in the glabellar area (between the eyebrows) a ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
Botox for dynamic wrinkles

Over time, our muscle activity begins to show wrinkling around the eyes, forehead and glabellar a ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
20 units of Botox to the Glabella

In Huntersville, NC, this is a 2 weeks post 20 units of botox to the glabellar area (between the ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
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