Skin Tightening / Resurfacing Before & After Photos

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Fractional CO2 laser for droopy lids

While the definitive for upper eyelid hang is an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, there are also othe ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
Smartskin Fractional CO2 Laser

Charlotte, North Carolina patients, who desire skin tightening, can benefit from a fractional CO2 ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
First week of healing post fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment can have a healing time between 4 days to 1week.  Immediately ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
Fractional CO2 laser for wrinkles under the eye

The wrinkles under the eye begin to show themselves in our late 30's onward.  Sometimes ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
Pelleve 12 minute eye lift

With time, our skin around the eyes begin to show aging in the way of wrinkles and skin laxity wh ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
Precision Laserlift for neck tightening

Some patients have minimal amounts of submental fat (fat under the chin), but have a greater amou ... more

Surgeon: Raminder Saluja
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