Body Contouring in Charlotte, NC

Getting the Shape You Want

Unfortunately, being in shape does not always guarantee that the shape in question is the one you want. Stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin can erode self-esteem, even for women and men who follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. This is where body contouring in Charlotte, NC, can make a positive difference.

The contouring is achieved through a number of different treatment methods and procedures, and thanks to the advancement of new technologies, Charlotte, NC, patients can now achieve the effects of contouring with lasers and light technology. Such procedures are non-invasive with limited downtime, require no surgery or anesthesia, and generally cost significantly less than the surgical or more intensive procedures.

Sculpsure treatment of abdomen before and after 12 weeks

Among the most popular body contouring options is SculpSure®, an FDA-approved treatment that utilizes laser technology to eliminate fat on the abdomen and flanks. Dr. Raminder Saluja has also treated patients with SculpSure® to the upper arms and inner and outer thighs. In 25 minutes, up to 25% of the pinchable fat can be reduced with results being seen as early as 6 weeks with the final result at 12 weeks.

It is important for potential patients in Charlotte, NC, to note that body contouring is not a weight loss method or substitute for diet and exercise, but an opportunity to shape and contour problem areas that fail to respond to diet and exercise.

Dr. Saluja Cosmetic and Laser center

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