Botox and Xeomin and why it is important as a starting point

Botox to open the eyes

One of the first signs of aging, especially in our younger population, is fromthe constant movement of the muscles which begin to etch in lines on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes.

To minimize this musclar movement, we use botulinum neurotoxin in our practice.  We primarily use Botox as the risk of diffusion is less than the others, however, one area that I prefer Xeomin, is the forehead.  The reason is this area, we want a little diffusion to cover the larger muscle.  

The effects of Botox and Xeomin are to minimize muscular movement and also to open the eyes and create a refreshed look.  

When lines become static, or present at rest, then we supplment neurotoxin with either lasers or with a little filler.

Each component (Botox, Filler and Laser) add to the total cosmetic outcome.  Botox is typically where we start, to minimize the movement and then we proceed with laser for resurfacing the skin or radiofrequency devices to help lift and finally with filler such as Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Voluma or Juvederm Ultra Plus to fill in the lost volume. 



Raminder Saluja, MD

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