Hand Rejuvenation

Oh my hands!  We often here this from patients.  What can be done to help rejuvenate the hands?

First of all, why do the hands age so much?  The answer is that they are always exposed.  Whether we are driving and have our hands on the steering wheel, with UV rays coming through (primarily UVA), our hands take the direct hit.  We are getting better as a whole, with applying sunscreen, but think about how many times you wash your hands during the day and unless you are reapplying, you are virtually washing the SPF away.

Patients typically come in and ask me what they can do, not only for the sun spots that they see over the dorsum of their hand, but also the tendinous look to their hands which used to be plump with fat.  The veins of their hands look like they are more pronounced when we lose the fat from the dorsum of the hands.

There are several ways of treating their hands.  I often recommend either a Picosure Focus Lens which targets both pigmentation AND collagen to help restore the hands back to a more even skin texture and tone.  Sometimes, I will do a YS IPL (intense pulsed light) which target the brown pigmentation AND any vascular issues (broken capillaries, cherry angiomas etc).

Patients can also benefit from placing volume back into the hands and we typically will select a Juvederm product to inject into the dorsum of the hands with a small microcannula.  This gives exceptional results by minimizing the appearance of ropey tendons and veins.

There are 3 aspects of aging which arrive at our front doorstep first: Aging Eyes, Aging Neck and Aging Hands!  The nice thing about it is there are options on how to improve the appearance of all three!

Raminder Saluja, MD

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