Kybella and Off the Chin Applications For Fat

Off the Chin Applications for Kybella

Kybella, made by cosmetic powerhouse Allergan, is now being utilized for off the chin applications.  Small areas such as the fat can be seen around the axilla area where a bra pushes the fat.  This creates an irregular contour when wearing shirts where one can see fat under the bra or to the side of the bra.  These areas are typically small and can be injected with Kybella.  It typically takes 1 to 4 treatments to target this zone.

We typically separate our visits by 8-10 weeks when doing the injections.

Common Side Effects post Kybella

Kybella is FDA cleared for use under the chin.  Some common and anticipated side effects are bruising, swelling (which can last between 5-10 days under the chin) and loss of sensation for 2-4 weeks where the skin overlying the injected spot may feel numb.

The injected medication (deoxycholic acid) is basically a detergent which breaks down the fat cell membrane.  Over time, your body’s macrophages begin to clear away the damaged fat cells.

Another area which has been injected with Kybella is the knee fat area.  Knee fat is the small amount of fat seen on the inner and outer aspect of the knee and can be seen despite exercise and a clean diet.  Because these areas are traditionally smaller areas of fat, Kybella is a good option.

Raminder Saluja, MD

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