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Laser Hair Removal With Elite MPX

Definitely the most popular procedure for any bride to be is laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal represents the most requested minimally invasive cosmetic laser procedure by the general public as well.

In order to ditch the razor for the honeymoon, start the procedures about 8-9 months before the big day. Typically laser hair removal takes an average of 6 treatments to achieve 80% reduction of hair (and typically it is more than that!). Treatments are spaced out every 4-6 weeks to match the hair growth cycle.

Things to Remember for successful laser hair removal:

1. Shave prior to the procedure. That way the hair is short and more of the energy goes to the follicle and is not expended on the superficial hair. Also, it will make for a more comfortable treatment.

2. Don’t tan between treatments. This could then effect the energy that can be delivered.

3. Don’t wax or tweeze the area to be treated. You want the hair to be in the follicle prior to treatment.

4. Not all lasers are the same. There are many low powered lasers that don’t quite rid you of the hair. The reason why we buy the lasers we buy can be summed up with: “Be sure. Cynosure.” You truly get the technology you pay for, and as a cosmetic surgeon, I want results.

The most effective wavelength for patients with lighter skin color is the 755 nm or Alexandrite wavelength. For darker skin types, you want to use the 1064 nm or Nd:Yag laser.

The gold standard as far as laser hair removal is concerned is the “Elite MPX”. This is the ONLY laser on the market that combines BOTH Alexandrite and Nd:Yag laser and can be titrated to patient’s background skin color. This allows for efficient and deep treatment of the hair follicle. Sometimes, as little as 3-4 treatments are all that is needed, however, every patient is different so I still quote 6 treatments on average.

The greatest freedom for any individual is not having to rely on a razor.

Life moves quickly, don’t spend it shaving.

Until next time….

Raminder Saluja, MD

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