Laser Treatment for Spider Veins of the Legs

Sporting a style such as this, all eyes will definitely be on the fashionable couture… heaven forbid, you don’t want the gaze to freeze in shock at the spider veins which have crawled up the legs.

Yes, fake tans can hide some of the damage that endless standing, pregnancy, heredity and hormones can cause, but do not fret, the buttery leather short is not out of reach…

Treatment of Spider Veins

Leg veins can basically be divided into the deep system and the superficial system. If veins are extensive, an ultrasound should be performed to make sure the great saphenous vein is not involved in which case that would be the area to concentrate on first with an endovenous laser treatment.

If you only have spider veins (small thread like, red or blue) or reticular veins (which are larger in diameter and tend to look green), then laser treatment and sclerotherapy (for the reticular veins) will make a significant difference.


The Cynergy laser has a pulsed dye laser (PDL) which converts the properties of hemoglobin (blood) to methemoglobin. This particular laser actually has two wavelengths. After the PDL pulses, there is a 2nd pulse by an Nd:YAG laser. The Nd:YAG laser is better absorbed by methemoglobin and since it has already been converted to this form, thanks to the PDL, lower energy levels are needed. Therefore, less discomfort and greater clinical endpoint.

This is the only laser on the market for veins with sequentially firing wavelengths.

It can also be utilized for facial vessels as well.

Raminder Saluja, MD

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