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Noninvasive Facelift

Noninvasive Facelifts are possible in this day in age.

When we see a patient who has consulted us for generalized facial aging, there are typically several aspects that we want to target.

The first step is to address the dynamic muscular movement contributing to the wrinkle.  We do this with a neuromodulator such as Botox.  There are several different neuromodulators on the market such as Dysport (conversion ration is 2.5 to 3 units of Dysport to 1 unit of Botox) and Xeomin (conversion ratio of 1.3 units of Xeomin to 1 unit of Botox).  By relaxing the muscular movement, the further development of static lines (or lines at rest) minimizes.  While neuromodulators do wonders with the lines during movement, the more permanent lines (static lines) may need additional filler or laser to help smoothen out.

Patients also may come in with photodamage (brown sun spots or lentigenes) or broken blood vessels.  This adds to the entire aspect of facial aging.  One to three  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments can clean away the areas of pigmentation to reveal more youthful color tones to the skin.  When there is laxity, skin tightening devices such as radiofrequency and fractional ablative or nonablative lasers can help stimulate collagen.

Finally, we have to look for areas of volume loss.  This, perhaps, can make the largest visual impact on aging.  As we lose volume from our face, we notice that our skin sags and there is hollowing in key areas such as the lateral cheek area and midface.  This contributes to the tired look that patients complain about.

Utilizing one tool in our toolbox, does help, but the combination of neuromodulators/fillers and lasers can make a profound difference and actually turn back time!

Here is a patient who is four years post her baseline photo and looks younger and healthier 4 years later with the noninvasive Facelift!

Raminder Saluja, MD

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