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PDO Thread (Suture) Lift

A little more than a decade ago there was a thread lift procedure named Contour threads.  This end up fading out to oblivion because the threads did not dissolve, but were rather permanent.  The "permanancy" of the thread let to issues of extrusion, breakage over time and migration.

For this reason, threads were initially frowned upon.

Since that time, all the aspects that we did not like about the Contour threads were being re-developed into an absorbable thread material (PDO is perhaps the most popular).  PDO stands for polydiaxanone which are the material used for sutures that have been utilized for over 3 decades.

The thread absorbs after 4-6 months, but in the process, the stimulate fibroblasts to create collagen, thus giving a structural scaffold to area treated which can last for about a year.

There are different types of threads, but for simplistic puposes think of either the:

1.  Barbed or Lifting thread

2.  Smooth or collagen stimulating thread

The lifting threads are more labor intensive while the smooth threads are placed with needle delivery with a very fine needle (similar to the size of a Botox needle).  The smooth threads do not lift, but rather help with crepey areas of the skin. 

The threads are very versatile and multiple areas can be treated from the eyes/face/neck/arms/upper thighs/knees and buttock lifting area.

The threads add an additional component to the final, minimally invasive outcome.

Raminder Saluja, MD

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