PDO Threadlift

1 Day Post PDO Threadlift

I have become a huge fan of PDO threadlifts.

When I did my fellowship in 2007, we were doing Contour threads and I was not a fan of these in that they did not absorb and would break.  When PDO threads came about in 2014, because they have the ability to disintegrate and absorb WHILE creating your own natural collagen and elastin, I began to really appreciate the subtle, but contoured changes that occur.

Now I will say, it is important for the practioner to be expertly trained in the technique.  As the product technology improves, it is equally important that the practitioner evolve their techniques.  I have had multiple patients say that they had them in years past and did not note a difference, or that it hurt too much and they would never do it again. Once they did it with the newer technique, they have become fans as well.  .

Numbing does make a difference and post threadlift, there will be tenderness when pressing down on the areas for 1-2 weeks.  The reason is that the threads have tiny cogs which adhere to the underlying tissue to pull up.  Initially there is some inflammation, but after several days to 2 weeks, this dissipates.

I have posted a lot of before and immediately after photos on our instagram account at SalujalaserMD which show the immediate swelling.  There are also photos showing 1 week, 2 week, 3 months and on. 

It is also important to note that there can be some puckering at the insertion site for a couple of days (rarely up to 2 weeks), which releases on its own.

I have been impressed with the lift.  Fillers are meant to fill, not meant to lift and I think we will reflect back at this juncture in time and wonder why we all had "filler face".  I love filler when used merely to fill  so that the face structure does not change.

The attached patient is only day 1 post threads.  You will note some slight puckering at the insertion site, but the degree of lift, we could not accomplish with filler and lasers alone.  You are welcome to email us at salujalaser@gmail.com for any further questions.

Thank you!

Dr. Saluja

Raminder Saluja, MD

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