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Picosure Laser for Pigmented Lesions

The Picosure laser is the first pico-pulsed laser which delivers pulses in the trillionths of seconds.  While this laser has changed our ability in treating tattoo ink, it is also FDA approved for treating benign pigmentation.

Now that summer is over, the residual effects of uv radiation may have increased the freckles or pigmentation on the face, chest or the dorsum of the hands.  When pigmentation is superficial, IPL (Intense pulsed light), can work well.  Pigmentation however can be deeper than the superficial layers, in which case a short pulsed laser which targets melanin is the laser to turn to.

Because of the uniquely short pulse duration of the Picosure laser, this lasers effectively clears pigmentation without prolonged redness and swelling.  The redness typically fades in hours to 1 day and can be covered by make-up.  The pigmentation will absorb the laser energy and turn darker for several days and then lighten up.  The new CAP array, which is a fractional tip, can augment the treatment effects while using even lower energies. 

It is important to sun protect post procedure with a zinc/titanium based sunscreen.

Raminder Saluja, MD

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