Radiesse Buttock Lift

The buttock area is another area that can show our age.  With time, the effects of gravity and the effects of loss of volume can cause descent of the buttock area.  So how do we achieve the butt lift? 

There are several ways.  Either through fat transfer, which involves removal of your fat and re-injection into the buttock area.  This can have issues if the fat does not take or if the body does not have adequate fat stores to inject.

One of our favorite, less invasive ways is through the Radiesse buttock lift.  Radiesse is classified both as a filler and a biostimulatory, which means, it promotes your own collagen to help to fill the area.

We typically utilize mutliple syringes to achieve the desired filling and lifting of the buttock area.  Lidocaine, with a minimal amount of epi (to minimize bruising and for safety purposes), is introduced into the Radiesse and injected into the buttock zone.  The procedure is quite comfortable with the numbing.  Immediately post procedure, the area can bruise and patients are asked not to lounge on the area for 1 week.  Over the next 6-10 weeks, greater lifting occurs.

We can also combine and enhance the lifting with Emsculpt which is an energy based device that works to augment the muscle.

There are multiple ways to effecitvely and non-invasively lift the buttock area.  Radiesse is at the top of the list!

Raminder Saluja, MD

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