Recruiting Patients For Xanthelasma Laser Study

Xanthomas are a skin condition where fatty material can build up under the skin surface. They occur more in older individuals and especially in individuals with high lipid profiles (Cholesterol).

Xanthelasma occurs on eyelid skin, especially the upper eyelids and represents cholesterol deposition within dermal macrophages. The can be prominant and can cause cosmetic concerns.

The good news is that the lesions are benign. Not all patients with xanthelasma will have issues with their lipid profile, but the presence of these lesions may be an indicator that there is hypercholesterolemia. Treating the high lipids will not shrink the lesions but may lessen the risk of developing additional lesions.

If you have these periocular lesions and are cosmetically bothered by them, please give us a call at Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center at (704) 584-4071. We are conducting a study evaluating laser treatment in minimizing the appearance of the lesion. If you qualify, you will receive the treatment at a marked discount.

Raminder Saluja, MD

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