Combination Cosmetic Treatment

Combination is King.  When trying to achive an aeshetic goal, patients often ask, "should I do laser, or fillers or botox.".  The correct answer an many patients, is that all of the interventions will add to the final cosmetic outcome.

Botulinum neuromodulator (Botox being one of them), helps to minimize the dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement. It also helps to position the brows higher when targeting specific muscles.  When we use our muscles over time, dynamic wrinkles can progress to static wrinkles or lines at rest.  We don't want to get to this level.  Botox will help relax muscles so that we do not get ingrained static lines.

The color and texture (melanin, broken capillaries and pore, wrinkles etc), can be addressed by a combination of laser and IPL modalities which target specific areas of concern to benefit the envelope of the skin.

Finally, volume is a must to restore the proper tissue configuration of our face.  Losing volume, adds to the laxity and midface descent.  By placing volume back, we restore the tissue positioning back to a more youthful look.  

This is a patient that had Botox to soften dynamic lines and help open the eyes, LASEMD Glo to target the pigment of her skin and the fine lines and texture and Sculptra to stimulate collagen and begin to fill her face in.

This is 6 months post the beginnin of her cosmetic journey. 

Raminder Saluja, MD

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