Winter Skin and Moisturizers

If you are like me, I have the heat cranked at home and a space heater beside me when working.  All the heat sucks the moisturize from the air and decreases the ambient humidity in the room.

This adds to our skin dryness and can cause itching and crepey looking skin. 

So what can we do?  Yes!  Moisturize.

When you get out of the shower, in the first 3 minutes, make sure to have a moisturizer to put on your skin to lock the moisture in.  One of my favorites is Cerave Moisturizing Cream which comes in a tub.  I have that in the shower and the minute I am done, on goes the Cream.

For your face and neck, you can certainly start with Cerave pm which has ceramides and hyaluronic acide which helps in about 70-80% of patients. 

If you are wanting a bit more of a moisturizer, try Skinceuticals Triple Lipid.  That is my personal favorite as it has a combination of ceramides, natural cholesterol and fatty acids to help repair the skin barrier.  While it packs a punch, it goes on light.  I even use this around my eyes.

Whatever your favorite moisturizer is, the bottom line is use it!


Raminder Saluja, MD

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