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Eye Treatments Before & After



While the definitive for upper eyelid hang is an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, there are also other alternatives that do not require surgery that give a dramatic clinical improvement.  The use of fractional CO2 helps to tighten the lids and lift the drooping skin.  Sometimes one treatment is all that is needed or other times we may do a second treatment at 6 weeks to give an additional bit of tightening.  This Charlotte, North Carolina female had one Smartskin treatment to the periocular area.




With time, our skin around the eyes begin to show aging in the way of wrinkles and skin laxity which results in drooping of the eyelids.  The definitive fix is an upper lid blepharoplasty, but for this Charlotte, North Carolina female who did not want surgical intervention, the zero downtime procedure which was a good option for her was Pelleve 12 minute eye lift.  The photo represents her before and after 3 treatments.  We typically recommend 3-5 treatments every 3-4 week for optimal results.




By lifting the brow, the skin above the eyes is held more taught and opens up the eyelid aperture.  While a surgical browlift is a definitive answer, some Charlotte, North Carolina patients may not be quite ready for surgery and opt for an alternative to achieve visible results.  For the zero downtime patient, Pelleve eyes may be the answer.




At Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center, we offer a zero downtime procedure to help lift and open the eyes.  It takes 12 minutes to do and the patient is ready to go about their day immediately post-treatment.  We typically recommend between 3-5 treatments for optimal results.  This Lake Norman man opted for the treatment to help rejuvenate the ocular area.


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