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Fractional CO2 Laser Before & After



While the definitive for upper eyelid hang is an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, there are also other alternatives that do not require surgery that give a dramatic clinical improvement.  The use of fractional CO2 helps to tighten the lids and lift the drooping skin.  Sometimes one treatment is all that is needed or other times we may do a second treatment at 6 weeks to give an additional bit of tightening.  This Charlotte, North Carolina female had one Smartskin treatment to the periocular area.




Gender: Female
Age: 50-60

Charlotte Female who desired facial skin tightening without having to do a facelift. Discussed several options and decided to do a Smartskin fractional CO2 laser to help with the eyelid drooping and tightening of the skin.




The wrinkles under the eye begin to show themselves in our late 30's onward.  Sometimes the area is helped when filling the tear trough or addressing the midface facial flattening.  The best laser to treat this area is a fractional CO2 laser around the eyes.  There is a downtime of 4-5 days where the skin becomes darker and then peels, however, the results are quite visible even with just one laser.




Gender: Female
Age: 50-60 year old

While it takes around 6-9 weeks to truly begin to see the collagen stimulation post fractional CO2 laser, there is some immediate tissue tightening.  This is a photo of a Charlotte, North Carolina female who is 1-week post Smartskin Fractional CO2 laser treatment.




Gender: Female
Age: 50-60 year old

One of the best ways to improve the texture and tone of your skin in Charlotte, North Carolina is with a fractional CO2 laser.  While there is a downtime of around 4 days, the laser treatment allows for collagen regeneration and leaves the skin looking younger.



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