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Check out Dr. Saluja's podcast "Just Laser It!...and all things Cosmetic", where she discusses the EMSELLA Chair.  It's a brief yet informative episode, and answers a lot of questions! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

emsella chair

Treating Incontinence and Improving Sexual Sensation for Charlotte and Lake Norman

Tired of feeling like every time you laugh, sneeze, or cough…you may “leak”? Or, do you often have the sudden “got to go” feeling?

These are symptoms of urinary incontinence, and the EMSELLA CHAIR provides a revolutionary, FDA-cleared treatment to resolve these annoying and embarrassing symptoms in a completely non-invasive, no downtime manner.

Studies have also shown that Emsella improves sexual Desire and Satisfaction by 76%, and Orgasm by 60% in women, and may help men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and increasing circulation.

Recommended treatments include 6 sessions, (2x per week for 3 weeks), and last about 30 minutes per session. We offer different options, but the most preferred option is to join the Emsella Gym.

How does Emsella work?

Both sexual dysfunction and incontinence are strongly affected by the pelvic floor muscles, and as such, these two issues frequently accompany each other.

The EMSELLA CHAIR relies on the same HIFEM technology as the bodysculpting Emsculpt machine, providing supramaximal muscle contraction for the pelvic floor muscles. These contractions mimic Kegel exercises by contracting the pelvic floor muscles to simulate more than 11,000 kegels during a 30-minute session. In strengthening these muscles, Emsella significantly reduces the symptoms related to incontinence and improves sexual function and sensation.

what the pelvic floor looks like before and after treatment
what the pelvic floor looks like before and after treatment

What does the treatment feel like?

The great thing about Emsella is that you sit comfortably in the chair, fully clothed and comfortable. The treatment replicates the effect of more than 11,000 intense kegel contractions, providing a tingling sensation as your pelvic floor muscles contract. When you are done with the session, you can simply get up and immediately resume your normal activities.

patient satisfaction, remain fully clothed, non-invasive

The science why people are saying YES to EMSELLA

To date, 5 clinical studies have been published on EMSELLA. The results of the studies report:

Increase in Quality of Life
Reduction in Pad Usage

When will I notice the results?

Some patients may notice a difference right away, but the best results are after 6-sessions, with 95% of patients saying they have an improved quality of life afterwards. Everyone is unique, however, and an exact result cannot be predicted.

How do I get started?


Contact us for a consultation to see if you are a good candidate


Begin your membership with six treatments, twice per week for three weeks, with a one-time initiation fee


Receive a booster treatment once a month at a reduced VIP monthly rate, charged the first of each month for six months

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