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CoolPeel fractional CO2


Listen to Dr. Saluja's podcast "Just Laser It!...and all things Cosmetic", where she provides a brief yet highly informative discussion on CO2 (Coolpeel and Deka): Click here to listen to the CO2 episode! 

Skin Tightening Q & A

How does Fractional co2 (Coolpeel and Smartskin) tighten your skin?

Fractional co2 (Coolpeel) is an advanced fractional CO2 laser that’s fully adjustable, so each patient’s treatment is customized to meet their skincare needs.

When Dr. Saluja uses the Fractiional co2 (Coolpeel and Smartskin) to tighten your skin, the procedure is an ablative laser so the top layer of skin down to the dermis is vaporized to product collagen.  layers of tissues.

Fractional ablative lasers emit light in microbeams, creating tiny columns of vaporized tissue surrounded by untouched, healthy skin. As collagen-rich tissues replace old skin at the surface, your fresh skin is tighter and stronger.

Dr. Saluja also has a multitude of fractional nonablative lasers such as ICON Frax 1540, LaseMD thulium laser and Picosure Focus Lens which keeps the top layer of skin intact and delivers microbeams of heat to the skin to stimulate collagen.



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