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Laser Hair Removal

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Listen to Dr. Saluja discuss Laser Hair Removal on her podcast "Just Laser It!...and ALL Things Cosmetic". The episode is brief yet full of information that will often answer your questions. Click Here to Listen:  Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the most time-consuming beauty procedures that people experience. Constant tweezing, razor burn, waxing…it’s a pain. Laser hair removal is often associated with painful, “rubber band snapping” sensations.

Not any more!  Finally, there is a hair removal laser that sets itself apart from all others – and we have it.

Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center offers the most advanced technology for laser hair removal in the Charlotte, NC and Lake Norman area with MOTUS, a pain-free laser hair removal procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A


What is MOTUS: It is an Alexandrite laser that utilizes a proprietary technology called Moveo, which provides very effective, fast, efficient, and pain free results by capturing more of the photons (laser energy) delivered to the target (hair shaft and bulb). Motus is:

  • Safe and comfortable across ALL skin types
  • Delivers precise energy without damaging the skin
  • Contact cooling and sapphire tip glides comfortably on the skin
  • Enabling nearly 100% energy absorption

Motus has transformed the laser hair removal market.  It is safe and comfortable on all skin types, and the efficiency in its technology offers quick and comfortable treatments.

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