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If you’d like to reclaim your time and put away your shavers, tweezers, and hair-removal creams and waxes, laser hair removal is the solution you need. Dr. Raminder Saluja at Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center has extensive experience working with lasers and performing laser hair removal to safely and permanently eliminate hair from any part of your face and body. To get started, schedule a consultation using online booking or call the office in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

How do lasers safely eliminate hair?

Lasers remove hair by operating at a wavelength that’s selectively absorbed by the colored pigments in the hair follicle. The laser safely passes through your skin and travels into the follicle, where its energy heats and destroys the follicle. As a result, the existing hair falls out, and the follicle stops growing new hair.

Laser hair removal is safe for every part of your body, including your:

  • Face, including the upper lip and chin
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Arms and armpits
  • Chest
  • Bikini line

Why do you need more than one laser hair removal treatment?

Every hair follicle goes through a three-phase growth cycle. Follicles grow hair for two to seven years; then they enter a brief transitional stage before going into a resting phase. On any day, roughly 10-15% of your total follicles are at rest.

Hairs in the follicle loosen and fall out during the resting phase, causing natural hair shedding of about 50-150 hairs daily. After three months at rest, the follicle cycles back to another growth phase and grows new hair.

This growth cycle is the reason you need multiple laser hair removal treatments because lasers can only destroy the follicle when it’s in a growth phase. Most patients need six sessions spaced about six weeks apart.

What can you expect during and after treatment?

At your first appointment, you’ll consult with Dr. Saluja so she can assess your needs and concerns, and then develop a treatment plan. During your laser hair removal consultation, Dr. Saluja reviews your medical history and medications to be sure laser treatment is safe for you.

Lasers have devices that cool your skin, but Dr. Saluja talks with each patient about their sensitivity and takes steps to ensure you’re comfortable during the treatments.

Your session may last up to an hour, depending on the treatment area. Laser treatment of your upper lip may only take a few minutes, while a larger area like your back can take an hour.

It’s common for the treated area to be red and sensitive, but it returns to normal in a few days, and you won’t need to take downtime. Some patients may experience temporary crusting and pigment changes. You’ll receive individualized care instructions to follow after your laser hair removal session

When you’re ready to remove hair permanently, call Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center or book a consultation online.